Analytical products and solutions

Over the years IndiFOSS has been a leading supplier of advanced analyical instruments to the Dairy, Food and Agriculture, Meat and SeaFood industries. We serve some of the largest Cooperative dairies as well as smaller operations across India as well as neighbouring countries.

IndiFOSS provides quality control & analytical solutions to the Dairy products which includes raw milk testing, On-line testing, finished product testing. It also provides pesticides testing kits for raw milk, Cereals & Feed, Meat & Sea-Food products and has extensive range to suite your wide range of applications. Please use the link below to find out what we can do for you.


Innovation in analytical technology over the past few decades has led to many new opportunities to control the dairy manufacturing process for improved profit and quality, the pace of development only gets faster.


Your food safety concern is our dedication
Our Mission is rooted in the fundamental human need for safe, abundant food. Concerns about the safety and quality of globally sourced food have become increasingly widespread. The increasing need to routinely monitor the occurrence of these contaminants in the food chain has inspired our commitment and dedication to the research, development, and worldwide distribution of advanced rapid test solutions of food safety.


Concern with diseases that afflict animals dates from the earliest human contacts with animals and is reflected in early views of religion and magic. Diseases of animals remain a concern principally because of the economic losses they cause and the possible transmission of the causative agents to humans. Bioeasy deals with providing kits for rapid, accurate and easy testing for diseases such as Mastitis, Brucella & FMD in milk.