We are a dynamic team of service engineers, marketers, sales, and many more! We enjoy the work we do and take pride in helping professionals in the different areas and excel in their work to help stay at the forefront of the industry.

Why Join Us?

Our mission is to help dairy product and other food manufacturers to provide quality food to the society. We help hundreds of thousands of Dairy, Cereals & Feed and Meat & Sea Food producers to quickly access the analytical instruments and information they need so they can continue to find cures to improve quality of milk & milk products.

Important work that needs to get done!

That’s where you come in. We need kind, passionate, hard-working, resilient people to join our team.

IndiFOSS fosters a culture of teamwork, creativity and personal commitment to our corporate objectives. We are passionate about the service we provide to our clients (Dairy producers, Cereals & Feed and Meat & Sea Food producers).

We are a collaborative group and not only work well together but truly enjoy hanging out together at our birthday parties, movie days, holiday celebrations and regular happy hours. Our team is probably the nicest group of people, ever!