Analytical products and solutions

Over the years IndiFOSS has been a leading supplier of advanced analyical instruments to the Dairy, Food and Agriculture, Meat and SeaFood industries. We serve some of the largest Cooperative dairies as well as smaller operations across India as well as neighbouring countries.

IndiFOSS provides quality control & analytical solutions to the Dairy products which includes raw milk testing, On-line testing, finished product testing. It also provides pesticides testing kits for raw milk, Cereals & Feed, Meat & Sea-Food products and has extensive range to suite your wide range of applications. Please use the link below to find out what we can do for you.


Innovation in analytical technology over the past few decades has led to many new opportunities to control the dairy manufacturing process for improved profit and quality, the pace of development only gets faster. At IndiFOSS, we understand that success in the dairy industry is dependent on being able to deliver consistently high quality products. Our versatile range of analytical product solutions have been designed to give you rapid access to accurate data throughout the process control and end product specification. With this information, you can supply high quality products, your customers expect and make the best possible use of your valuable resources.


India is a country with population of over 1.35 billion people and sheer magnitude of food safety enforcement is a challenging task. Food is essential for life; hence, the access to safe food is a necessity. Millions of people are at risk of unsafe food and become sick while hundreds of thousand face fatal consequences yearly. The food chain starts from farm to fork while challenges include microbial, chemical, environmental and personal hygiene. Due to the consumption of contaminated food by act of intentional or unintentional conduct and lack of effective monitoring system to safeguard food safety and quality results in economic loss as well as concerning public health & safety. While earlier incidents were mainly chemical contaminants, more recent outbreaks have been due to microbial & molecular agents.