FossAssure™ and FossAssure™ Pro

FossAssure™ and FossAssure™ Pro allows you to monitor and optimise instrument surveillance and performance, reduce unplanned downtime and improve accuracy and profitability.

FossAssure™ and FossAssure™ Pro makes it easy to ensure top performance

With FossAssure and FossAssure™ Pro you can rest assured that your instrument is running perfectly, giving you full confidence in your results. Watch this video to learn more!


Why online instrument monitoring?

Bay State Milling Company reveals the many advantages of using FossAssure Instrument on their multiple sites across the USA.



With FossAssure™ you can be confident that your FOSS instruments and operators perform consistently 24/7.

  • Reduce out-of-spec products by monitoring your production processes, to ensure that procedures are always in compliance with official as well as company standards.
  • Monthly validation of procedures and frequent monitoring of instrument health, helps you secure instrument uptime and optimise operations.

FossAssure™ Pro

Get additional tools to reduce waste, protect your brand and increase profitability. Monthly validation of calibration performance based on your reference analysis, ensures that you avoid out-of-spec products.

  • Ensure compliance with official and company standards.
  • Get frequent insights into instrument health and maintenance recommendations, and monitor operator compliance to secure instrument uptime and validity.
  • Save cost on raw materials by moving your production closer to target values.

FossAssure™ and FossAssure™ Pro

Gives you the expertise you need to perform consistently

 Features  FossAssure™  FossAssure™ Pro
 Instrument performance monitoring by a FOSS expert  x  x
 Instrument validation report (monthly)  x  x
 Validate that recommended standard operation procedures are followed    x  x
 Advice on how to optimise the operation of your analytical solution  x  x
 Guidance on preventive maintenance activities   x  x
 Proactive alerts on potential issues    x  x
 Documentation for QA and audit trail   x  x
 Analytical performance validation by a FOSS expert    x
 Calibration validation report (monthly)



 Advice on how to optimise your calibration performance    x
 Recommended corrective calibration adjustments     x
 Guidance on optimising sampling protocol for reference analysis    x