FossManagerâ„¢ empowers you to manage your analytical instruments directly from your PC anytime and anywhere. Configure settings and monitor performance on one or more instruments at a single site or across several locations. Remote instrument management allows you to access your data and back-up settings whenever it suits you and from any location.

FossManager™ ensures your data is safe and readily available

If you are concerned about accuracy, compliance and reducing cost of ownership, FossManager™ is the perfect solution, allowing you to take full control of your analytical performance. Get peace of mind knowing that your data is backed-up and protected for whenever you need it.

FossManager™ and FossManager™ Pro

The easiest way to manage your analytical performance!

Feature FossManager™  FossManager™ Pro
Central access to results and data
Automatic backup of sample data on FossConnect™ 30,000 samples or 5 years 50,000 samples or 5 years
Instrument configuration
Periodical adjustments (slope/Intercept)
Upload of instrument diagnostics
User & access management 
Reporting & Visualization     
Central network fleet management  
 Access to instrument via FossAssure™ portal
 Annual instrument health check  
 3rd Party instrument network management   *
 Data integration via FossAPI™ (LIMS, ERP etc..)    Optional add-on**

*Subject to partnership
**Additional FossAPI™ license applicable

FossConnect™ is a secure ISO27001 certified cloud solution powered by Microsoft Azure 




What can networking do for you?

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Why instrument networking?

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What’s the advantage of FossManager™ compared to standard remote control tools?

What’s the advantage of FossManager™ compared to standard remote control tools?