Chemical Safety

Furazolidone Metabolite (AOZ) ELISA Test Kit

Product Code : YR200101

Product Introduction
This kit uses an indirect competitive ELISA method. The microwell strip is pre-coated with the coupled antigen. The Furazolidone metabolite in the sample will compete with the anti- Furazolidone metabolite antibody pre-coated with the microwell strip. After the reaction, the unbound reagents are washed to remove the unbound reagents, and the color of the TMB substrate is developed. The absorbance of the sample is negatively correlated with the content of the Furazolidone Metabolite contained in the sample. The content of the corresponding residue Furazolidone metabolite can be obtained by comparison with the standard curve. 

Scope of Application
It can qualitatively and quantitatively detect the residual amount of Furazolidone metabolites in eggs, aquatic products and animal tissues (chicken, chicken skin, chicken cartilage, pork, pork liver, ham sausage, etc.), honey and other samples.

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