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SPECIALfinder Gluten food allergen Real-Time PCR detection kit

SPECIALfinder Gluten food allergen Real-Time PCR detection kit
Food allergens are a major concern for food industry. Rapid and sensitive kits for allergens detection are required to respect new labelling rules in the lack of clear contamination limits, and to support the QC of the free-from food products.

SPECIALfinder Real-Time PCR kits detect allergens DNA with no cross-reactivity towards the typical ingredients used in food industry and were validated following the norm UNI-EN 15634-1:2016. This kit specifically predicts the presence of traces of GLUTEN, by detecting the DNA of WHEAT, BARLEY, RYE and OATS. The best results can be achieved by extracting the DNA from any food and feed with ION-FORCE DNA Extractor (EXD001).

  • Brand: Generon
  • Format: 50 Tests
  • Code: PAV17A-50
  • Technology: Real-Time PCR
  • Application: Food allergens detection
  • Tag/Filter: Gluten and allergenic cereals

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